Learn From The Mistakes Of Other Field Service Inspectors … Make More Money In 2018.

Failure can help you earn a lot of money in 2018. I am taking about the failure of others. I love to monitor the Yahoo and Facebook groups … and other blogs … and learn what others have to say about the field services industry. Most of what is said is about failure. You very seldom read about a success story because the successful inspectors are keeping their success a secret. Successful inspectors are often criticized for being successful.

If I knew a person giving away $100 a week just for asking, I would not pass that along to others. I would keep asking for the $100 every week myself and hope that they don’t run out of money.  Field inspectors usually don’t open  up about their success in the industry. They talk about their failures … I suppose … to help other people. But, many people do not learn … or want to learn … from the failures of others. They make the same mistakes … again and again. They deserve what they get.

I have seen Yahoo groups where I saw posted about 75 emails talking about ABC … the worst field services firm in the industry. No one had anything good to say. That discussion went on for a week. Near the end of the discussion, a mortgage field service inspector asked for a phone number for ABC. Do you think he was going to call ABC looking for a job? You know he was. Much of my learning in my lifetime has been learning from the mistakes of others. When you fly airplanes you look at airplane crash videos and try to understand why they crashed and learn from it. I would prefer that others make mistakes so that I can learn from them. I love the $%^#-ups as they keep me out of trouble. I learn from them. They have kept me alive.

Carbon monoxide poisoning from portable electric generators kills more than 400 people every year. People don’t learn about the mistakes that people make as they think that it cannot happen to them. Most people knew that a generator operated indoors would kill them. They said it would not happen to them and they ran the generator indoors. They are now dead … the generator killed them … and their innocent children.

According to data compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2016, 37,461 people were killed in 34,436 crashes, an average of 102 per day. I have learned from the mistakes of 37,461 people killed in 2016 as I do not drink and drive.

The mortgage segment of the industry has destroyed many lives because of the fraud, greed and corruption of many of the Mortgage Order Mills. You need to learn from the mistakes of others and avoid the Mortgage Segment. HUD knows that the backfeeding of generators is unsafe. Dr. Ben Carson … the Secretary of HUD … knows that backfeeding can fry your brain or the brain of a linesman. Yet, he allows it to happen. I guess that he does not care. As a brain doctor he saved lives. As the Secretary of HUD, he is supporting policies that may kill people. Even the Government which is aware of safety issues …  makes mistakes and those mistakes can cost you your life or the life of a linesman. Mistakes can kill!

Call Richard Law at 321-543-2809 East Coast if you are looking for a great ride in the field services industry. He can help you to learn from others and avoid mistakes.

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